Limber Pro Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch machine.

Already being a proud owner of a Nitrofit vibration machine, I decided to accept the invitation to check out Nitrofit’s new stretch machine. The representative explained to me that the idea for this machine arose when one of the engineers was at the gym stretching himself.  He saw another gym goer place his calf up against a wall and awkwardly lean into the wall to get a calf stretch. Looking over at a nearby stretch machine, the engineer asked himself ” why doesn’t the so called stretch machine include an area designated for stretching your calves”. Then he watched a small female attempt to use the stretch machine and discover that the seat was too far back for her to comfortably grab the handlebars. Then he saw a very tall man use the gym’s stretch machine and look kind of cramped.  That’s when the engineer declared that he would build a machine with an adjustable seat for people of varying heights that featured a real calf stretching solution as well.  Several months later, the Nitrofit Limber Pro build plans were born.

As of this posting the finished product has launched and is in my humble opinion a really great stretch machine.  Nitrofit reluctantly let me borrow their office unit to review.  I say reluctantly because the staff use it daily to stretch themselves out.  After having it in my house for a week, I can understand why they didn’t want to part with it.  Take a look below.

Ketogenic Diet - Fit or Fad

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The Skinny on Keto

I weight train 5 days a week, use a Nitrofit Whole Body Vibration machine a few times a week and Mountain Bike on the weekend.  Why am I not leaning out?   Simply put, I am not following my own dieting rules. I know, you must be thinking this guy is such a hypocrite. He preaches healthy eating and exercise then admits that he has strayed from his gospel.  Well folks it happens to the best of us. Travel, social events, work functions and life can chip away at even the most disciplined of us. After nearly a decade of the same low carb, low fat, high protein diet I had decided to switch things up a bit and shock my system.   I had heard rumors about the Ketogenic diet and wanted to know if it was all the hype.

I did some research and found out that the diet is predicated on high fats, medium protein and virtually no carbs.  I thought to myself, “How am I going to get lean by eating so much fat?”  According to the diet, your body will learn to stop using carbohydrates as fuel and convert ingested and stored fats as fuel. This process of fat to energy conversion is know as ketosis.   In theory this seem like the perfect scenario right? Well its not that simple. Getting into Ketosis takes discipline, staying there requires completely reprogramming your mind to crave fats not carbs.

Now the moment you have all been waiting for ……… Does it work?

Its working for me. I’m a month into the diet now and look and feel better than I did in previous months.  My waistline has leaned out and my energy levels seems to be just as good if not better than when I incorporated carbs into my diet.  I will say though that the first week is brutal because your body struggles to transition from processing carbs to processing fats as your main source of energy.  The result is a week of being tired, lazy and foggy headed.  Yet if you stay strong and press on, your energy levels come back, your brain clouds clear and you realize that you don’t really miss carbs all that much.

Here is the catch…. there’s always a catch.

No sugar, no alcohol, no grains, no fruits and limited vegetables.  Ok then so what can you eat on a Keto diet?  Well the simple answer is lots meats, bacon, butter, oil and green leafy veggies.

My favorite place to shop for my ketogenic diet is trader Joe’s because they have organic meats and veggies at a reasonable price. I usually get out of there spending around $100  and get enough food to last about a week.  Pre-cook some of your meals to heat up through the day and you are on your way to burning off those love handles.

My Trader Joe’s shopping list is as follows:

  • Greens: Kale,spinach, romaine, baby greens, asparagus, cucumbers
  • Others; Mushrooms , onions ( sliced thin for flavor) , avocados for fat.
  • Cheese; String cheese, Parmesan, feta, swiss
  • Fats: Uncured Natural Bacon, olive oil, Organic butter, Coconut oil
  • Meats: Chicken legs, Chicken breasts, steak, salmon, tuna steak, ground turkey, ground beef, lamb chops, pork chops.
  • Seafood: Shrimp and Scallops
  • Jumbo organic eggs
  • Unsweetened Almond milk to add to my coffee
  • Stevia extract to replace sugar in my coffee
  • Pickles- I’m a glutton for them. usually i’d say stay away because they are pure sodium but you need lots of sodium and water in your system for this diet.
  • Nuts: peanuts, pumpkin seeds, Almonds.  Don’t eat too many these are meant to be snacks and have a high carb count.
What about eating out ?
Unfortunately there are places that you need to eliminate altogether.  For one Sandwich shops and most Mexican restaurants. I stick to the following:
  1. Chipotle Salad. No beans, no rice , no corn. Chicken, beef or pork, gaucamole , cheese and sour cream.
  2. Carls Jr. or In and Out burger wrapped in Lettuce. No fries and an Iced T.
  3. Sports bar:  Wings…no batter or breading and a side salad or chicken breast topped with avocado and bacon + side salad.
  4. Steak House:  Steak and broccoli tossed in butter. or Chopped salad with grilled shrimp chicken or salmon.
  5. Sushi- Sashimi and cucumber wrapped rolls without rice. Avoid seaweed salad and pickled cucumbers as they often add sugar to the dressing.

WARNING: Drink lots of water when on this diet.  Ketosis will dehydrate you quite a bit.  If you are diabetic or have other health problems, ketosis may be harmful for you. I am only positing about my own experience.  Try it at your own risk.

I finally upgraded to a Nitrofit Deluxe Plus.  This machine is awesome.  It puts out a very powerful vibration.  I didn’t have time to go over the exercise regimen that I like to do but I was able to put together a quick review video that explains some of the features and displays the machine in operation.  Enjoy.

Nitrofit Deluxe PlusSeveral years ago I purchased a Nitrofit Deluxe Whole body vibration machine and used it regularly to supplement my workouts.  On days where I was not able to hit the gym, I would do a quick 10 minute full body work out consisting of squats, dips, shoulder presses, curls, push ups and ab bridges.  I really enjoyed my machine but found a few areas where my machine needed some improvement.  For one I started to get frustrated with cycling through all the mode functions to see time, speed and programs.  I wanted a faster more comprehensive on/off function where I hit the on button, set my speed and  got to see all  of the information that I needed up on one screen.  I also felt like the handles for the arm bands needed a more support and the motor itself while powerful and stable needed more pop.

Last week, Medvibe invited me to come down to their facility in Mesa, AZ to inspect the new Nitrofit Personal + and Deluxe Plus whole body vibration machines.  The Nitrofit representative informed me that the Plus line was like the I Phone S versus a regular I-phone. They look the same but the plus line has upgraded features.  Apparently Nitrofit upped the Nitrofit Personal + from a 0.75 HP motor to a whopping 1.25 HP motor. Thats nearly equivalent to the power of the outgoing Nitrofit Deluxe for about half the price. A was also informed that the award winning personal got updated with new bracketing, advanced bearings, more powerful programming and a host of included accessories.  At $1199.95 the Nitrofit Personal is very hard to beat.  Its high quality build and performance vibration make it solid choice.

yet…. I personally like the size and feel of the Deluxe model better especially since I own one.  I was really interested in see what the new Deluxe Plus offered. On first appearance the Nitrofit Deluxe Plus didn’t look any different than its predecessor.  As I got closer, the sleek gun metal grey appearance and matte finish got me excited to test out the new improvements.  I positioned myself on the new platform and got ready to go through my usual routine.  I hit the on/off button and was greeted by “Nitrofit” being displayed across the screen.  The machine started off with a nice strong feel.  The screen was re-worked to display time, speed, program, and a digital bar graph of my speed settings all at once. Apperently I had not been the only customer who thought that my regular Deluxe model needed some improvements. Looks like someone was listening.

As I increased the speed I noticed that this machine had significantly more power than my Nitrofit Deluxe.  My Deluxe has a 1.5 Hp motor this had a 2 HP motor and was re-geared and outfitted with special bearings to make it poppier and more powerful.  At the top speed setting, I could barely keep my feet planted.  The bloodflow and muscle pump I got from this machine was outstanding.  The next thing to note were the arm bands.  They used the same adjustable mechanism as before but the soft foam handles were upgraded to foam wrapped tubes that allowed the resistance cords to slide through them.  They felt comfortable and secure when using them for my bicep curls, lateral raises and back rows.  As  I get down into some of the lower body exercise like push- ups and dips, the rep placed a thick  mat wit Nitrofit branding down for me to soften the rubberized vibration platform.    At first I thought that this mat was an aftermarket accessory.  I later found out that two of these high quality mats plus an embroidered exercise towel come with the unit.  I paid roughly $2,500 for My original Deluxe years ago.  The new Nitrofit Deluxe Plus whole body vibration machine, retails at $2199.95.  For this much power, a large platform and host of great accessories… you can be sure that I will be upgrading soon.

In my previous two articles, I wrote about various whole body vibration machines and whether or not I believed they worked.  The conclusion was yes they do work but with limitations.

So what are the basic limitations and applications of WBV training? 

First off no matter what anyone tells you vibration training in any form pivotal or vertical will not replace your cardiovascular exercise.  This means you still need to walk, run, swim or ride for 30 minutes or more several times a week in addition to your vibration training exercise routine.  Again, while vibration training exercise may elevate your heart rate, it does not do so for a long enough period of time to keep your heart healthy! 

Many of you write in with some very interesting questions for me about vibration machines. Lately I hear a lot of people saying that you saw vibration machines being sold at a state fair, a golf tournament, a car show, or even garden show.  I receive questions like  ” is 10 minutes on a vibration machine really like 1 hour in the gym”,  “Can I really just stand on this and lose weight” and, ”how does using a vibration machine make me lose weight”?, “Is this really the only form of exercise that I ever have to do?”

Ok lets rewind a second and think about why you are asking me these questions. Why are you believing something that you heard from a shifty eyed salesman at a carnival?  They rent booth space from the fair, get some non-sense marketing posters made up to suck you in, and then have some out of shape salesperson convince you that they are a fitness guru.  Lastly, they get you to buy with what we call a high pressure sale.  This is when they entice you to buy on the spot by offering you a deal on an already artificially marked up price.  An example of this is when the salesman says ” This machine is usually $1695 but if you buy right here right  now, I can sell it to you for $1199“.  Ouch…if you just bought this cheap machine, you just got taken.  Not to mention you bought it from a travelling salesperson who is going from trade show to tradeshow selling overpriced machines that will not live up to their warranties.  Why are you buying a high ticket item at a carnival or state fair?  Don’t you want a dealer or reputable company to hold accountable for poor quality or faulty parts? Get online and you will find several high quality machines sold through reputable companies for around $1000. Do your homework and  you will spend less, get more and have some peace of mind. 

Now to address the vague marketing claims that many vibration machine models make to get you to buy their products.  10 minutes on a vibration machine doing squats, lunges, push ups , dips, shoulder presses and abdominal bridges will provide a good workout that can be comparable to time in the gym… but not an hour. You might want to ask who’s hour we are talking about..My grandpas or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s?  Does that mean its like walking around the gym for an hour not actually lifting weights?  Sort of a vague term when you think about it isn’t it?

  Additionally, many uneducated salesmen will tell you that standing on the machine alone works out your whole body and is the only exercise that you have to do.  DO NOT BELIEVE THEM….If they are so passionate about this machine, then why don’t they use it and why aren’t they skinny? 

So what are the real applications for vibration training?

Well there are many depending on whether you are a trained athlete using vibration machines in addition to your training regimen or you are new to fitness and you are just looking to get started. I will cover that in a separate article.  For now just know that most vibration machines only ofter limited fitness gains, increased blood flow, warm up for resistance training, warm down after resistance training, increased core strength ( Pivotal machines do this better) , increased balance, and pain relief.  I would have to say that pain relief is the most common attraction to these machines especially the pivotal machines because they do actually make your back and legs feel much better. For acute pain in the knees and shoulders, the vertical machines are a better choice for pain relief due to thier fixed, low amplitude motion. 

Coming soon…. 

Check back for product reviews and a WBV machine comparison chart.   



20756_Save 11% Off Your Road Runner Sports Gear Plus FREE Shipping! (Coupon Code: CX12Y022)

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the first version of this article, I have decided to write a follow up article. In the last year Whole Body Vibration Machines known as WBV machines or vibration exercise machines have become very popular around the world. Internet companies are popping up everywhere. Most of them are selling the same machines just under various brand names. When I compare some of the specifications of these identical machines they seem very different. I was very confused about these machines as I’m sure many of you who are reading this are too. Its not as simple as looking for a treadmill or elliptical where you focus on motor power, tread, warranty and stride. These vibration machines have specific frequency settings, timers, amplitudes, vibration types and over the top health claims.

What works, what is relevant, what brands seem trustworthy? I spent months researching this stuff and interviewing trainers, Chiropractors, athletes, and vibration machine owners about their experiences. I also visited fitness equipment stores in several states. Here is what I found out.

Do vibration machines work? Yes, but like any other exercise regimen, they are only as good as the dedication their user applies to the training programs. Vibration machines take existing effective exercises and intensify them using bio-mechanical stimulation. Imagine holding a wall sit- you’re sweating just thinking about it right? Now imagine that same wall sit yet the ground below you is shaking rapidly. The forced movement below you is making it harder for you to stabilize thus forcing your muscles work even harder. There is a ton of research from a variety of companies that show some significant benefits. In my opinion, WBV is not going to replace my gym but it will help me improve my strength and flexibility for the gym. Please keep in mind that this is coming from an already fit person. For the average user, these machines can provide a great workout in a short amount of time. I will warn you that WBV exercise is no walk in the park. Contrary to the popular belief that just standing on these machine will melt away fat, you actually have to do sweat breaking exercises like squats, lunges, dips and push ups.

Going Shopping for a Vibration exercise machine?

So maybe you have researched a machine and have decided to buy one. Where do you start? I tend to trust brands that I see in Fitness stores because I know that the owners of the stores pride themselves on carrying quality products. Fitness stores are regional and are given exclusive rights to sell and carry different brands in their respective geographic areas. Some stores have smaller niche brands while others carry really well known brand names. It really comes down to what feels good to your body and your wallet.

One thing to note: The technology is still new and growing so the distribution of WBV machines still remains fairly limited. There might not be a nearby store with a machine to try. The point I am making is even if you order one online, check and see if it is sold in any stores that specialize in fitness equipment. That way you know it will have a warranty that is honored and any customer service that you may need will be handled by the store or trusted manufacturer.

Vibration machines are not all created equal. I found that there are more than one type of machine out there and they are very different in how they operate. Some machines called pivotal vibration machines teeter the platform forcing your muscles to work hard to maintain balance and posture. Others known as vertical vibration machines vibrated fast and seemed to help with blood flow, massage and plyometric movements.

One of the best deomstrations of how these machines move can be found on a vibration company’s website. Click the link then return back here to continue reading. Once you see the animation of the platforms working side by side, you will have a better time understanding this blog.

Pivotal Platforms-I noticed that very few pivotal machines were available in retail fitness stores. The savvy fitness stores carried both pivotal and vertical machines to offer a variety to their customers. Other stores just carried vertical platforms and seemed partial towards their vertical model. Go figure! They are after all salesmen. Most of what I encountered on the Pivotal end were- Vibraflex ( Galileo), NITROFIT, and PowerVibe. Vibraflex was the priciest but the most powerful and durable. NITROFIT was great value for the money offering the power and durability of the Galileo just in a smaller package. Powervibe wasn’t bad but seemed a little too plasticky.

Vertical Platforms. Most fitness stores seemed to carry a lot of the popular models such as Powerplate, BH Fitness, DKN, and occasionally the Wave. Powerplate has quite a selection ranging from a $2,500 intro model all the way to a $12,000 commercial model. I tried the lower two models and was a little disappointed. The My 3 was very unstable. I almost pulled the whole thing over when I leaned back to get into a squat. The model up was good but for $4500, I can’t wholeheartedly say its worth it. The BH fitness machine was geared a lot like power plate but leaves quite a big footprint. It is for sure a more affordable vertical machine. DKN had several models as well. This machine was great because it had a little digital coach that guided you through some of the workouts. The only downside of the DKN was that it was sometimes hard to see the screen when my head was shaking form the vibration. Lastly the WAVE had incredible technology such as a full color touch screen with frequency selection, digital coaches and a comfortable feel. The downside of WAVE though was it was very pricey and once again left a huge footprint.

Keep in mind that the larger machines are commercial. If you are a personal trainer or physician with a lot of room, then these larger models from WAVE and POWERPLATE come highly recommended. If you are a home user and looking for something more affordable and compact then check out machines from DKN and NITROFIT. Again it will also come down to your preference of vertical or pivotal machines.


Additional Resources. Don’t Just take my word for it- see what these other publications thought. This site came about recently and has reveiwed the majority of the products that I mentioned in this blog. They highlight the pros and cons of each machine and label thier top picks with a “best buy” logo. Keep in mind that this is the opinion of the site author. I will give them credit however because they are only reviewing machines from trusted manufactureres. This site comes across as unbiased as they have no links to the manufacturer or “add to cart” buttons on the site. Unlike most review sites I come across, this site is not trying to steer you to any model its just thier reveiw.,0,3966698.column- The Los Angeles times does a side by side reveiw of the Powerplate Pro 6 ($10,750), DKN XG 3.0($2,495) , NITROFIT Personal ($999.95), and the Turbosonic Ovation ($7,500). This site is an awesome resource for researching WBV companies. The site was founded by one of the major contributors to It goes over exercise techniques, product reviews, discussion forums and general WBV info. Take a look at the “Blacklist” and “Favorites” section of this site to see what WBV machine manufacturers they like. A cool site with a lot of information on WBV. There is a ton of information in these sites much of it is mis-information so take from it what you can. Many of the bloggers have a vested interest in their own companies so don’t buy everything they say. There is a lot of riff raff about staying away from machines built in China. While there are some cheap machines out there, most fitness equipment is built in China or Taiwan. If we applied the blogger’s patriotic concepts to the fitness world, our gyms would have almost no equipment and our retail stores would be empty. Come on people- at least half of the products in your house are made in Asia. This was one of the stores I visited. They were one of few stores that carried both types of vibration machines and a larger selection than any other retailer I checked out. They were by far the most knowledgeable about WBV machines. I got a full rundown on Powerplate, Lifespan, NITROFIT, and Tuetonic. If you are near one of their stores, I recommend stopping by and jumping on a few of their floor models. This site goes along with a great book that I read which covers how to use WBV to for athletic performance and therapy. This book reviews relevant studies on WBV, breaks down the data into a clear and concise explanation of the findings and then shows training protocols based on the evidence. If you are a physical therapist, a sports performance coach, or just wanting to become knowledgeable about the technology, this book is for you !

The Natural Way of Dieting

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Have you ever had a special occasion, party or wedding that you wanted to look your best for?  Did you panic when you struggled to fit into an old favorite dress?  Let me guess, one week to drop a few pounds and get that zipper all the way up right?  Welcome to the club….we’ve ALL been there plenty of times.  
To me this is like cramming for a test.  You know that if you just studied a little bit every day, you would be ready for any pop quiz that came your way.  Instead you procrastinate, stress out and stay up all night preparing for that awful test.  Well dieting really does work the same way.   Starving yourself and/or fasting a week prior to the event is horrible for your body.  The goal here is to learn how to diet naturally and gradually so that you never need to “cram” so to speak.  I mean come on!  Is it really worth it to put your body through hell and back for just four hours in that little black dress?  

In one of my previous blogs, I talked about how 80% of your fitness goals are based off of your diet. You may have heard the term CLEAN eating. It very simple really, clean eating refers to unprocessed foods that are healthy for your body. Its tough these days to make time for it all.  Yet if you dedicate yourself to it and make fitness a priority, you can wear that dress anytime!

Here’s what it takes….   

Organization & Time Management: Get organized! Plan your week in advance so that you can shop for and cook the right foods.  In no time at all you can treat yourself to healthy and clean meals that taste great. When in the supermarket, remember to:

1.       Shop the perimeter of the supermarket: Most of all the ‘right’ foods to buy fall on the outside perimeter of your local farmers market/grocery store:

a.       Fresh Fruits & Veggies

b.       Dairy & Lean Meats

c.       Whole Grains

d.       Clean Beverages

e.       Frozen Items- raw veggies & fruits for smoothies

2.       Practice portion control by purchasing food containers- Store your meals in reusable containers (Tupperware). Its an easy way to preserve the environment and always have cooked meals available.  Not only will they stack up nicely in your refrigerator but you save money and the environment.

3.       Pack 5-6 SMALL meals/day: Here is a sample eating program to shop for:

a.       Meal 1: Oatmeal topped with fresh berries

b.       Meal 2: Rice Cake with natural nut butters and natural jelly

c.       Meal 3: Salad with grilled chicken/fish and assorted veggies

d.       Meal 4: Handful of raw nuts with a piece of fresh fruit/raw veggies

e.       Meal 5: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs with a Protein Shake

4.       Fluids: Help determine your level of hunger. Stress eating can & will catch up to your waist line so making sure to drink lots of fresh water with lemon / green tea throughout the day & prior to each meal will help you determine your level of hunger. If you have a sweet tooth for colas, try using flavored Stevia packets in your water or worst case crystal light. 

Now all you have to do is couple your new clean diet with 3-4(beginner) or 5-6(advanced) days of exercise! You may just find yourself at that cocktail party or special event sharing your new diet tips. Just remember to tell everyone where you found them.

Have a healthy day,

Stacey CSCS, AFAA, ACE certified  

Learn to lose your love handles

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I am my own worst critique when it comes to my body parts. I know where the different types of foods I eat land on certain areas of my body; however, the good news is I know how to get rid of it. This is why everything you eat and do in moderation is okay. SO, you DO NOT have to beat yourself up anymore for indulging in your favorite triple décor ice cream fudge sundae, just make sure you do it in moderation, which means NOT every day, more like once a week. Save it for your favorite day of the week when you know you will be out with friends/social events or even just a night home, curled up on your love couch ready to watch your favorite movie.  Don’t feel guilty about it! Just know that you earned that treat from   your hard work & dedication at the gym and in the kitchen. So, are you ready to tighten yours abs, eat healthy fats, drop a dress size or two, increase your energy levels & look fabulous every day???? ~ Well here are the steps to follow to take your body from ordinary to extraordinary!

1. Eat the ‘right’ fats, to burn fat: What the term ‘love handles’ really means is an accumulation of ‘extra’ fat around the midsection caused by what we eat. So the saying ‘you are what you eat’ can be easily mislead. The body needs certain types of fats to function properly, for energy & efficient hormonal production. If hormones are out of whack, so will your metabolism, which causes a lot of other areas to bloat. Healthy fats such as: extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil, eggs, avocados, and nuts/seeds reduce inflammation in the body, help control hunger and burn unwanted fat! Take Home Point: Reducing your intake of grains, starches, and sugars, while consuming healthy fats on a daily basis will force our bodies to reprogram their cells to burn fat instead of sugar. Our muscles are constantly burning calories throughout the day so if you eat a low fat or fat-free diet you will have a hard time putting on & maintaining muscle.

2. Get Your Beauty Sleep: Try to get as much sleep as you can, without letting your social life go to waste. The best way to maintain your fit physique is a consistent routine each day, starting with your recommended daily amount of sleep of at least 7-8 hours each night. As the old saying goes… “Health is the first muse, and sleep is the condition to produce it” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Sleep is the most important tool in losing weight and keeping it off as well as recovering from a hard day’s workout, improving strength and coordination, regulating hormonal functions & performing at your best in your everyday activities. Take home point: Do what you can to get in at least 7-8 hours of sleep. If you do not get in the recommended 7-8 hours, try to get in a nap throughout the day to fit in those extra couple hours of sleep. Poor nutrition, too much caffeine late at night & increased stress all lead to an increase of fat disposition around the midsession & lower abdomen.

 3. Drink that Aqua: Most people beat themselves up at the gym, eat the perfect diet and get plenty of rest but they still are carrying around that extra 5-10 pounds, & most of the time its around their hips & stomach. The main culprit here is that they are probably not flushing out the toxins from their body with clean, purified water. Drinking water cleans out impurities in the skin, improves muscle tone and suppleness in the skin & flushes out the toxins and excess water/fluid retention that your body has been holding onto for years. Take home point: You want to flush your body out with fresh, clean, and purified water daily.  Ideally, try to intake at least eight- 8 ounce glasses or 2 quarts of water per day. Your body will be so grateful!

4. Healthy Eating & Exercise: Since it’s impossible to spot reduce; the key to losing abdominal fat comes down to a healthy eating plan, coupled with a consistent exercise routine. In women, those trouble areas tend to be the hips, thighs and waist & in men those stubborn areas are their lower abs and/or ‘love handles’. The formula for the perfect body is 75 % nutrition 15% exercise & 10% genetics (uncontrolled). Take Home Point: No matter how much you workout, without burning more calories than you take in you will continue to put on abdominal fat. You should try to spread out your calories throughout the day & divide them up into 5 small healthy and nutritious meals with good fats, proteins & a small portion of complex carbohydrates.

Healthy & Fit Body= Healthy ‘fats’+ 7-8 hours of sleep+ 8-8oz glasses of water+ clean eating & exercise routine.

In Health & Happiness,

Stacey Timbo

CSCS, AFAA, ACE certified

Looking great and juggling your life!

Most of us work long hours and hardly have the time to add “working out” to our list of to do’s. Right?   Wrong!   Make simple changes in your life  right now and you can get it all done and look great doing it for years to come.

Fitness and work synergy

Here are some simple tips that can help.  

Watch what you eat!

Your diet is about 75% of your fitness success. Lunch is where many people on the go end up eating restaurant foods like hamburgers, burritos and sandwiches filled with fatty dressings and sauces. Avoid leaving the office and pack a cooler with healthy lunches and snacks -Try to make things like sandwiches( no mayo), chicken breasts, almonds, fruits, vegetables, a whey protein shakes, hard boiled eggs, tuna fish, salad etc etc. 

Keep Moving!

If you work a 9-5 office job, don’t think you are exempt from staying active.  If your fellow employees get to take smoking breaks, then you should sure as hell be able to take walking breaks.  Taking breaks and getting your heart rate up will get you over that mid-day energy slump and keep your mind and body fit.  Here are a few tips for you outside sales reps who live in your cars.

1. Pack a snack cooler so that you don’t stop for fast food or gas station snacks while you are visiting your accounts.

2. Park your car in the back of your account’s parking lot so you are forced to walk more.

3. Take the stairs in any parking garages and office buildings.  Your thighs and waist will thank you later.

4. Drink water and water only.  Powerade, Gatorade, and soft drinks contain huge amounts of sugars and add up throughout the day.  If you are going to ingest calories, you might as well eat a small meal that has protien and nutrients.

Skip the Happy Hour!

Unless your boss has asked you to join him/her at happy hour to discuss business, say no to happy hour.  Most happy hours consist of an overindulgence in alcohol and fatty bar foods such as nachos, chicken wings, french fries, etc.  Skip the happy hour and stop off at the gym on your way home from work instead.  You will feel better, look better, sleep better and have more general stamina.  Plus, you can still surround yourself with a social network of like minded individuals getting fit with you at the gym.  If you are single- wouldn’t you rather meet that special someone sober at the gym than drunk at a bar?  Think about it!

Bring your Kids to the gym with you.

Growing up, my Dad always dragged me along to his Saturday morning personal training sessions.  I never understood why I had to go to the gym with him until later in life when I realized it was the only way for him fit exercise into his hectic schedule.  Instead of staying home with me and using it as an excuse to skip his workouts, he simply took me with him.  Outside of being a wonderful bonding experience, exposing me to the gym early on shaped my life as a fitness fanatic. I believe that exposing children to an exercise atmosphere early on may keep them from being part of the childhood obesity statistic. Live by example and your kids may follow in your footsteps.

Kill your television!

Or just learn how to limit your time in front of it.  I treat TV like a reward for a long successful day.  I try not to turn it on until I have worked out and finished my to do’s. Have you ever sat in front of the TV and seen commercials for fast food, Pizza, and greasy restaurant food?  Did it make you hungry?  Did you find yourself stuffing your face while glued to your television?  See my point?  In my case, I will get home from a long day feeling tired and weak.  In the back of my mind I know that I still need to change and go to the gym but I also just want to sit on the couch and relax.  Ever turned your TV on after a long day at work?   Did you notice that suddenly 6p.m. quickly became 9 p.m. and you just didn’t feel like the gym anymore?  What about the weekends? Whats your excuse then? If you don’t have to work, then why aren’t you out side walking, jogging, hiking, biking, sledding, or skiing.  Maybe its because you are distracted by too much television!

 Make some small lifestyle changes now and you will see a stronger, fitter, happier you!

Resolution Season

9 Jan 2010 In: Dieting, frontpage

PhotobucketHere it is again.  A new decade has dawned upon us.  Once again you sit in front of the mirror and vow to get in better shape.  You know the old saying ” you can’t help those who can’t help themselves”?  That applies to you.  I can write these blogs all day long but they will only help those of you that are serious about changing your life.  So as we enter resolution season this year- make sure that your fitness declarations are sincere.  If you don’t know where to start, ask questions and I will answer them.  Don’t be afraid to ask someone in your gym for advice on how to perform an exercise or what you should be eating.  Finally, remember FITNESS= DIET + EXERCISE.  Stick to the equation and great results will follow. 

10 Tips for getting in shape in 2010.

  1. Throw out the Holiday leftovers and donate any JUNK food in your Pantry to charity.
  2. Join a gym or buy a home gym kit ( Lifefitness makes a $100 Fitness kit with a jump rope, resistance band, medicine ball and workout mat.)
  3. Find a motivated workout partner that knows more about fitness than you do.
  4. Make a list of healthy foods that you want to buy and go shopping for them.
  5. Train yourself to pre-cook healthy meals (Chicken breast, brown rice, hard boiled eggs, Tuna fish, almonds, Steamed Vegetables, etc.)
  6. Get your spouse or significant other motivated to diet with you.
  7. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning and eat dinner earlier.
  8. Train yourself not to eat any desserts ( You can lose 1lb a week just by doing this).
  9. Join an outdoor club or activities group that will get your heart rate up ( hiking, skiing, walking, Cycling, Tennis, Softball, etc.)
  10. Park as far away from your destination as possible and walk.

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