Most of us are always on the run and have very different schedules. Look at your calendar and map out events that you need to be physically fit for. Some things to consider are your profession, school, or athletics. For example, I like to plan my work outs around physically taxing events in my week like tennis. I play in a tennis league a few days a week and play poorly if my legs are sore from a work-out. Therefore, I plan a big lower body work out after my last tennis match for the week.

I also train a Dentist a few days a week. He is just getting back into weight training and wants to slowly re-train his muscles to grow. I plan his works outs so that his arms are never too sore to do his job during the week. Then on Friday we hammer out a great arm work-out that leaves him sore all weekend long.

Some fitness fanatics like to have the same weekly routine where they work out the same set of exercises on the same day week in week out. Well, that’s great from them but its not always that simple. Don’t be afraid to change your workout schedules to fit your schedules. If you miss a day every now and then don’t worry about it. You can always double it up with another body part tomorrow or catch up by doing that work out on your off day. Just try not to make it a habit!

How do you plan your work outs around your schedule?

Share your experiences with us!