When we train friends, family or clients we always stress how importan form is every excercise. Often times you will se people in the gym stacking up weights and performing excercises with horrible form and posture. This is extremely dangerous and will not build up the muscle gains you are looking for. With form in mind we tested out a product by BodyRev called Perfect Push Up . This pair of rotating push up handles allows you to do a deeper press while rotating your grips.

Essentially it combines a stright grip dumbell press with a traditional gripped bench press. My first thoughts were, ok not as tough as the TV commercials make it out to be. Once we got into a few sets of about 20-30 slow and controlled reps– WOA did we feel the burn. These little push up companions can definitely add a kick to your chest work out. They really make you slow your push ups down into a slow and controlled motion with great form. The advantage of the twist motion is that it strengthens your forearms, triceps,lats and chest all at the same time.

Heres what we found:


  • Provides a great pump
  • Can serve as an excellent upper body toning work out
  • Allows you to do wide grip or close grip push-ps
  • Promotes propper form and technique
  • Somewhat portable


  • Can cause overstrain if each device isn’t placed evenly on the floor
  • May put pressure on your wrist when twisting
  • At $39.95 for the base model they are price for what they are

We found a retialer that sells them at half the price!

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