How to Get Fit

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Being “fit” essentially means being able to perform well in a wide variety of physical exerting circumstances. For some people, it also means being able to “fit” into their favorite clothes. Either way, if you find yourself running out of breath when doing simple things like walking up a few stairs or playing catch, it’s time to improve your physical condition.


  1. Incorporate more physical exercise into your daily routine. You’re probably out of shape because you don’t regularly challenge your body to do anything out of the daily range of motion. So start your own exercise regimen and stick to it.
  2. Switch things up. Any physical activity that causes at least a little bit of strain will help you get fit, but it’s important to remember that variety is the spice of life. Keep both your body and your mind guessing by enjoying a diversity of activities and having fun:
  3. Give your body fuel. As you become more active, you’ll need more food, but not just any food–you need healthy, energy-laden food that’ll jump start the next phase of your day, not weigh it down. Learn how to eat healthy and drink more water everyday.
  4. Let your body rest. When you’re giving your body a run for its money with varied physical activities, you also need to let it recover and renew by getting a sufficient amount of sleep. Determine how many hours of sleep you need in order to feel refreshed in the morning, then discipline yourself to wake up and go to bed at the same times on a daily basis.
  5. Get a check-up. To stay fit in the long run, you should perform regular maintenance on your body, just as you would with a car. Take yourself to the doctor and dentist regularly to make sure everything’s running smoothly on the inside and to prevent any potential problems from arising.


  • The benefits of a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness are easy to obtain with a small amount of know-how and a serious commitment. If you have decided that you’re going to work out, you have to follow through, and not look for excuses to ignore the routine.
  • If necessary, have a serious heart-to-heart with all of your loved ones. Explain to each and every loved one that you want to be there for them for many healthy years to come. If they don’t happen to share your fitness ambitions, ask each loved one to at least respect your will to get fit, so that you can enjoy a healthy way of living.


  • Always consult a physician before beginning an exercise or diet regimen.

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