I talk to people all day long about fitness, exercise, exercise equipment, supplements and food.  It often gets frustrating repeating myself over and over again to so many people who have no real intention to lose weight.  They just like to talk about  how they tried a diet and lost 20 lbs, or  how they worked out with a trainer  for a while and got in decent shape.  Yet nearly every story ends with– “then I got too busy and gained it all back”.

I’ll tell you a secret! Fitness isn’t a stage but a way of life.  Its an addiction to the feeling you get after working out and the constant physical self imporvement.  If you are new to the whole fitness world, don’t get intimidated by people who are in better shape than you are.  We all have to start somewhere.  Make fitness a habit and before long you may be doing some of that intimidating. 

Stand in front of the mirror and pick a body part part you want to work on. Set a deadline for your goal and start planning out your meals and workouts to meet that date.  Challenge your will power and see if you can meet your own goal on time. Once you reach that goal set another to maintian or improve what you just acheived.  Stay away from energy drinks, weightloss drugs,  gimmics and diet fads while working towards your goal. We cover everything you need to know about fitness in these blogs.  If there is something you need answered, please blog the site and ask us. We want you to get in shape and stay in shape!