Nitrofit Deluxe PlusSeveral years ago I purchased a Nitrofit Deluxe Whole body vibration machine and used it regularly to supplement my workouts.  On days where I was not able to hit the gym, I would do a quick 10 minute full body work out consisting of squats, dips, shoulder presses, curls, push ups and ab bridges.  I really enjoyed my machine but found a few areas where my machine needed some improvement.  For one I started to get frustrated with cycling through all the mode functions to see time, speed and programs.  I wanted a faster more comprehensive on/off function where I hit the on button, set my speed and  got to see all  of the information that I needed up on one screen.  I also felt like the handles for the arm bands needed a more support and the motor itself while powerful and stable needed more pop.

Last week, Medvibe invited me to come down to their facility in Mesa, AZ to inspect the new Nitrofit Personal + and Deluxe Plus whole body vibration machines.  The Nitrofit representative informed me that the Plus line was like the I Phone S versus a regular I-phone. They look the same but the plus line has upgraded features.  Apparently Nitrofit upped the Nitrofit Personal + from a 0.75 HP motor to a whopping 1.25 HP motor. Thats nearly equivalent to the power of the outgoing Nitrofit Deluxe for about half the price. A was also informed that the award winning personal got updated with new bracketing, advanced bearings, more powerful programming and a host of included accessories.  At $1199.95 the Nitrofit Personal is very hard to beat.  Its high quality build and performance vibration make it solid choice.

yet…. I personally like the size and feel of the Deluxe model better especially since I own one.  I was really interested in see what the new Deluxe Plus offered. On first appearance the Nitrofit Deluxe Plus didn’t look any different than its predecessor.  As I got closer, the sleek gun metal grey appearance and matte finish got me excited to test out the new improvements.  I positioned myself on the new platform and got ready to go through my usual routine.  I hit the on/off button and was greeted by “Nitrofit” being displayed across the screen.  The machine started off with a nice strong feel.  The screen was re-worked to display time, speed, program, and a digital bar graph of my speed settings all at once. Apperently I had not been the only customer who thought that my regular Deluxe model needed some improvements. Looks like someone was listening.

As I increased the speed I noticed that this machine had significantly more power than my Nitrofit Deluxe.  My Deluxe has a 1.5 Hp motor this had a 2 HP motor and was re-geared and outfitted with special bearings to make it poppier and more powerful.  At the top speed setting, I could barely keep my feet planted.  The bloodflow and muscle pump I got from this machine was outstanding.  The next thing to note were the arm bands.  They used the same adjustable mechanism as before but the soft foam handles were upgraded to foam wrapped tubes that allowed the resistance cords to slide through them.  They felt comfortable and secure when using them for my bicep curls, lateral raises and back rows.  As  I get down into some of the lower body exercise like push- ups and dips, the rep placed a thick  mat wit Nitrofit branding down for me to soften the rubberized vibration platform.    At first I thought that this mat was an aftermarket accessory.  I later found out that two of these high quality mats plus an embroidered exercise towel come with the unit.  I paid roughly $2,500 for My original Deluxe years ago.  The new Nitrofit Deluxe Plus whole body vibration machine, retails at $2199.95.  For this much power, a large platform and host of great accessories… you can be sure that I will be upgrading soon.