Limber Pro Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch machine.

Already being a proud owner of a Nitrofit vibration machine, I decided to accept the invitation to check out Nitrofit’s new stretch machine. The representative explained to me that the idea for this machine arose when one of the engineers was at the gym stretching himself.  He saw another gym goer place his calf up against a wall and awkwardly lean into the wall to get a calf stretch. Looking over at a nearby stretch machine, the engineer asked himself ” why doesn’t the so called stretch machine include an area designated for stretching your calves”. Then he watched a small female attempt to use the stretch machine and discover that the seat was too far back for her to comfortably grab the handlebars. Then he saw a very tall man use the gym’s stretch machine and look kind of cramped.  That’s when the engineer declared that he would build a machine with an adjustable seat for people of varying heights that featured a real calf stretching solution as well.  Several months later, the Nitrofit Limber Pro build plans were born.

As of this posting the finished product has launched and is in my humble opinion a really great stretch machine.  Nitrofit reluctantly let me borrow their office unit to review.  I say reluctantly because the staff use it daily to stretch themselves out.  After having it in my house for a week, I can understand why they didn’t want to part with it.  Take a look below.