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Review of Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch machine

A quick video review of the Nitrofit Deluxe Plus whole body vibration machine

A brief review of the upgraded Nitrofit Personal + and Nitrofit Deluxe Plus line

A quick explaination of the limitations and applications of whole body vibration machines, vibration training, WBV, whole body vibration platforms, vibration platforms.

An overview of the vibration machine industry, does vibration training work, benefits and real expectations from vibration training. Shopping suggestions, brands that we have tried.

The battle between weighted ab exercises and high rep ab exercises continues. I give a sample routine for you to try.

Learn to lose your love handles

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Tips and tricks to losing unwanted fat. Written by Stacey Timbo

Tips to staying fit while juggling your hectic lifestyle.

I talk to people all day long about fitness, exercise, exercise equipment, supplements and food.  It often gets frustrating repeating myself over and over again to so many people who have no real intention to lose weight.  They just like to talk about  how they tried a diet and lost 20 lbs, or  how they […]

How to Stay Thin During the Holidays

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Its here again! You know that time of year where putting on the pounds is inevitable.  Things like picking at the Holiday party sampler plates, eating mall food while shopping for gifts, or drinking on a near daily basis will pack on those pounds. Fitness is a lot like money. We can burn through our gains much faster than we seem to make them. […]

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