Effective Supplements

Effective Supplements

Since this site is entitled “How I Get Fit”.com, I’m going to share with you my favorite supplements.  Personally, I try to stay away from mass marketed supplements that try to validate their products using white papers.  What I mean by this is that the company producing the prodcuts either performed the study themselves or they paid someone to do it for them.  I’m skeptical about these products because graphs and statistics can be arranged to show positive results.

 Additionally, I try not to buy products that lead you to believe that taking thier supplements can yeild the same results as the super fit model they advertise the product with.  The reality is  that these professional fitness models have dedicated their lives to staying in shape.  Finally, it is very important for you to know that supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  

So here is what I buy…..

1. Protein Powders- Whey protein is university tested and is used by most college and professional Athletes.  

2. Creatine- Also university tested and is great for adding some bulky muscle.  Make sure to stay hydrated and cycle off as directed. 

3. Multi-Vitamins- BE VERY CAREFUL HERE.  There are a lot of marketing schemes behind selling vitamins. These days every energy drink or water company market added vitamins to get you to believe drinking thier product will make you healthy.  Read the ingredients people .Drinking the sugar ,corn syrup, or added chemicals that many of these drinks have doesn’t justify the vitamins your body probably won’t absorb.  What is funny is that there are doctors that push vitamins but I thinks they too have fallen pray to the common belief that these mystery pills are actually good for you.  The issue with vitamins is that most of them are not Bio-available, meaning your body doesn’t actually absorb most of the ingredients.  I’m not a doctor but I’m fairly sure that the best way to get all of your vitamins and nutrients is through actual food. 

Placebo Effect

While some supplements do have proven results most don’t.  Sometimes we take these pills and powders thinking that they are working.  Often times that’s not such a bad thing because it motivates us to work out harder.  Just make sure you do some legitimate research before you put anything toxic into your body.

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