Fitness Equipment

Fitness Equipment
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Most of us take our muscles for granted. Take moment to think about our muscle mechanics. Our bodies are incredible machines. Every muscle group has a specific function to aid and support another muscle group. There are over 600 muscles in the human body that we can control voluntarily. We train all those muscles to become more efficient using an assortment of machines. With so many fitness machines in our gyms and for sale in the marketplace how do I know which ones to use?

Many gyms carry just about all the machines you will need to get you in great shape. Some machines should be used with a spotter such as a squat rack, bench press, power clean platform, and plate loaded leg press machine. Most others are set up with pins and cables that allow you to spot yourself. Nicer gyms such as Lifetime fitness have hydraulically controlled machines that allow you to increase or decrease weight while you are in the middle of a rep. The beauty of these machines is that you can spot yourself using a handle mounted switch that activates a hydraulic pump.

Then there are all those machine you see on television or have heard about such as Bowlflex, perfect push up, Whole Body Vibration, Ab Belt, and the Ab Rocker. We can only comment on the ones we have tried. We invite you to submit your reviews on the blog sites for any fitness product that you have seen results from. We will be giving advice about what equipment we like to use.

Whole Body Vibration

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