General Nutrition


General Nutrition

Dieting becomes intuitive when you understand a few basics about general nutrition. Your body is a well oiled machined so to speak and prefers to run on clean food. Think of yourself as sports car. If you feed it bad oil and regular unleaded fuel when it needs premium( cleaner with more performance additives) it will perform badly and eventually break down. Your body is very similar in that when it is fed nutritious foods it will perform better. Have you ever heard the expression – you are what you eat. Enough said there. The point is …… get to know the foods that you are putting your body.

A few basic nutrition tips are:
1. Eat natural foods like meats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
2. Read the contents on the back of the packaging(nutrition facts)
3. Stay away from sugary foods , beverages and alcohol.

Natural Foods
Humans evolved eating only what the earth provided us. The modernization of mass produced foods has brought about an era of “fake foods” such as preservatives, food derivatives, artificial sweeteners, food dyes and food processing. I’m not the worlds expert on nutrition but I think it is safe to say that the increased consumption of “fake foods” and the rising obesity rates seem to parallel each other. When eating out, choose the side salad over the fries, the whole wheat bread over the bleached flour bread and the water or iced tea over the beer, cocktail or soda. Natural foods are loaded with an assortment of vitamins, mineral and nutrients that help keep your body running like a sports car.

Nutrition Facts
Understanding a product’s contents will help you develop better eating habits. When shopping for foods, the items marked FAT FREE are not always the best for you. It is very important for you to understand that the fat free foods are loaded with artificial chemicals buy Provigil that replace naturally occurring ones. Most of the time your body rejects these chemicals which is why we see that our cancer rates are so high. Unfortunately, the Fat Free food movement is a multi billion dollar industry that really just intends on duping you to believe in the crap they are selling. Like I said before— STICK TO NATURAL FOODS. Here’s how to read the contents label on the back of a food product.

The first thing I look at when reading the nutrition facts is the serving size— In this case its 12 nuts. Next is the servings per container (15). Realistically, most people are not going to count out 15 nuts. They are going to reach into the bag and pull out a handful or two of nuts.

Nutrition Facts

Tip 1: Snack or Meal? If you are hungry, you will eat this whole bag and the seemingly healthy 35 calorie snack just turned into 525 calorie meal. A food like this is something you would keep in your desk to snack on in-between meals to keep your metabolism up.

Next- I look for fat content. Low fat meals are not always the best. Gentlemen- we need fat in our diets to help us produce testosterone- which in-turn helps us produce lean muscle. Ladies—watch your fat intake—especially saturated fat. Your bodies are chemically different and will store saturated fat relatively faster then us guys do.

Next I look at sugars and carbohydrates—usually, they correspond if the food has a lot of sugar additives. Carbohydrates aren’t bad but if they are caused by lots of sugar then they won’t be processed well by your body.

Finally, I look at protein and vitamin contents. Since I work out often, I look for foods with higher protein contents and vitamins to help me build muscle. Some proteins are better than others and everyone processes them a bit differently.
Avoiding sugars
Our bodies tend to react poorly to certain types of sugars. Things like soft drinks, alcohol and desserts are loaded with processed sugars that store in our bodies and create unwanted side effects. Most of these foods taste great and are marketed to you so that you make them a part of your diet. Don’t be fooled by fat free foods, sugar free foods, and low -carb labels. As I mentioned before the chemicals in these products are often more harmful for you than the natural stuff. Sugars and carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, grains and meats are good for you because your body knows how to process them. When it comes to alcohol, you don’t have to give it up altogether but change your drinking habits so that you drink less and avoid sugary mixers. 

Our society relies on alcohol as a social release. I avoid excessive drinking by working out instead of going to happy hour and choosing lower calorie/sugar drinks when I indulge. For example, switch the whiskey and coke to a whisky and water. Change the vodka- tonic( has more sugar and calories than a coke) to a vodka soda with a squeeze of lemon or lime. If you are going to drink beer, look for a light or ultra beer that has fewer calories and is water based. If you are a regular drinker, try cutting back a few days a week and you will see how fast you being to lose weight.


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