Muscle Toning


Muscle Toning

Muscle tone is a result of your genetics, diet, body fat and work out regimen. People often ask me “how do I get lean? How do I get six pack abs? How can I get those Madonna arms? “The answer you have all been waiting for….. IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU ARE STARTING FROM AND HOW COMMITED YOU ARE.

Some people start out with a toned and lean body while others just need a little guidance. The thing is you have to be realistic about your goals and your timeframe in which you wish to achieve them.

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 If you are 30 lbs over weight and you are seeking to quickly have a body like an underwear model then you might need to re-evaluate your expectations. People often tend to seek instant gratification. The reality is that your body takes a bit of time to adapt and respond to your fitness efforts. If you are not seeing results immediately, relax, stay motivated and the hard work will pay off. If you are already relatively lean, then you may be able to see rapid results by changing your diet and intensifying your work outs.

When trying to achieve toner muscles it is important to increase the number of reps of exercise you are doing. Example: You currently are trying to tone your triceps. You were doing 3 sets of 10 of tricep-pull downs at 75lbs. You should change that to 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps at about 50 lbs. The goal is to do more repetitions so that your muscles are growing leaner rather than bigger. Think of a runner’s legs vs. a weight lifters legs. One focuses on a repetitive motion for a long period of time while the other focuses on moving massive amounts of weight for a short period of time.

Sample work outs will be coming soon!

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