Weight Training

  Weight Training

This is probably the hottest topic in the fitness industry. Ill lay it out as simply as possible- FITNESS = DIET + EXERCISE . If you can remember this simple equation and apply its contents, then you will see great results. Weight training has so many facets and is in my opinion the most important part of exercise in the fitness equation. Like I said before your goals need to be clearly defined before begin weight training. Here are a few things to consider before you begin your training…
1. Do I want to pack on bulky muscle or lean muscle?
2. Do I want to combine aerobics into my weight training?
3. Am I training for a specific profession ( Firefighter, Mover, Athlete, Sales)?

Bulky vs. Lean Muscle
Most of the guys reading this are probably thinking bulky muscle while the girls are thinking lean muscle. Some of you may be thinking both. Here is the moment you have been waiting for…. Bulky or lean muscle is a result of your diet, genetics and how you train. Usually, if you are eating a high protein diet and lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions you will gain bulky muscle. On the flip side if you eat a leaner lower fat/carbohydrate diet and lift lighter weights with more repetitions, you will gain leaner muscle. The final element is doing both of these things on a timeline. As I mentioned before, muscle mass helps to speed up your metabolism right? So if you first pack on a lot of muscle mass and a bit of fat, your body is primed for weight loss when you switch it up. Once you being to drop the heavy weights and cut your diet down, you will begin to lean out and attain that ripped look every one dreams about. Its no secret—ask any trainer or body builder that has done it. They train off season and pack on lots of muscle. Then months before a competition, they follow a diet that gradually takes out fats, sugars, carbohydrates and sodium. They also begin to drop their workouts to a faster paced higher intensity program that involves less rest between sets and more cardio. Before you know it your body is lean and muscular.


Aerobics with Weight Training
If you are an advanced weight lifter and you are having trouble loosing those few extra pounds or you are female and want to stay lean and not look too muscular then follow this regimen.
Your body adapts to the trauma you put it through. If you lift the same way or run the same amount at the same speeds, your body will eventually adapt to that and stop progressing. The trick to always staying in shape is to switch up your work outs when your body adapts so that your body is always trying to progress.
So when weight training, start to combine your lifts together into one circuit of exercises with very little rest in between them (this is called super setting). What happens is that your muscles start burning the oxygen you breathe faster and before you know it your anaerobic weight training becomes aerobic. If you want to kick it up a notch try jump roping, doing sit-ups, pull ups, jump squats, or pushups in between every set of weight lifts. This is known as “shocking your body” out of the routine it has adapted to and forcing it to learn how to cope with the new exercises.

Job Specific Training
Certain professions require that your body be fit to handle specific tasks. If you are a firefighter for example, you may be expected to carry 80lbs of rope up 10 flights of stairs to access the rooftop of a burning building. You may be a mover or delivery worker that is expected to lift and carry heavy objects. If you are a professional athlete, you need to train specific areas of your body to have explosive power, strength and endurance. Finally, jobs that require a lot of traveling, walking and high energy such as outside sales will require you to have high endurance on a daily basis. Fortunately, weight training can be tailored to help you improve on all of this.

Fire Fighters—various companies make weighted vests that weigh exactly 80lbs. Strap that on to your chest and jump onto a stair master for at least ten minutes a day. This will help your body climb those stairs with ease.

Movers- Your backs and legs need to be very strong to support the weights you lift and carry. Do heavy squats, dead lifts, lunges, and back extensions about once a week to help you power through your job.

Pro Athletes- Most of you either knows how to train yourselves by now or has a top notch trainer. If I train an athlete, I try to tailor the workout around their performance goals. I like plyo-metric boxes to increase jumping, whole body vibration machines to help with explosive power, squats, stretching, sprints, and plenty of core postural holds.

Sales Reps- As stressful as your jobs can be, try doing some yoga. It will help you correct your posture from that long flight, calm your nerves, and teach you how to breathe away your frustrations.

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